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We use our referral form ( as part of our admissions process ) to carefully assess the suitability of our guests needs against our range of treatments and services.

Brynawel Rehab Referrals Process

To begin the referral process, please complete the below referral form.

If you require help completing the referral form please contact us and we will organise support for you throughout the application process.

(for information on our privacy policy, please refer to our general privacy notice)

Once a referral form has been completed, prospective
clients are invited to come to Brynawel for and assessment

If you are a long way away, we can organise an online assessment or arrange to meet you halfway.  However, we cannot stress too much how good it is to come and visit us in person.

Client Acceptance

You will be contacted within seven days with our decision and we will direct you to the relevant funding sources and administrative procedures before admission. However should you or we decide that Brynawel is not the best place for your treatment, our admissions team will advise you of alternative treatments that are available.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about referrals or the admission process please get in touch.

01443 226 864

or chat with us online

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