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We are

The Leading
Residential Centre

for the treatment of
alcohol & drug dependencies
in Wales.

Brynawel Rehab alcohol treatment

In Brynawel we believe in the power of relationships, connection and purpose.


We have a team of trained therapists, a wider clinical team which includes neuropsychology, nursing and occupational therapy and a team of recovery support workers. We work within a biopsychosocial model of treating addiction. This model acknowledges the multi faceted nature of addiction and that, rather than one cause, we recognise that genetics, biology, mental health concerns, trauma, social norms, and availability all contribute to the risk of addiction.


We aim to consider all of the areas that will help you in your recovery; your physical and emotional health, lifestyle and life experiences, and we work with you to improve your health and overall wellbeing.


We provide opportunities for connection, therapeutically and relationally through our therapy programme and other wellbeing activities such as horticultural therapy, art therapy, gardening (in our wellbeing allotments), gym visits, yoga and meditation.

Check out our latest inspection report here or click the button below to see everything we offer our guests and their families.

Our Aim

To help people transform their lives, to free them from the shackles of their addictions and to offer them hope.

The right support enables everyone to recover from alcohol, drug and other dependencies.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To give our clients the best support, tools and expertise to recover from their dependencies, to change their lives and become the person they should be.

Our Team

Our team is at the very centre of everything we do with each member playing a vital role
in the delivery of our services and contributing to our ongoing development journey.

Therapy & Recovery Team

Our therapy & recovery teams have decades of collective substance misuse experience, are each experts in their respective fields and continuously strive to support every aspect of our guests successful recovery.

Our catering team provide our guests with the most delicious, nutritious, home cooked food, with ingredients sourced from the local community, seven days a week.

Catering Team


Our Trustees bring a range of different skills and experiences to Brynawel and are here to oversee that the aims and objectives of Brynawel are always met.

Come See Us

The best way to decide if Brynawel is right for you is to come and see us.
You can have a look around, experience the facilities, speak with the staff and
guests and generally get a feel for what it is like to spend time here. 

Where We Are

Brynawel House is located in a quiet setting between the villages of Llanharry and Llanharan, Rhondda Cynon Taff, South Wales, which is just fifteen minutes from Junctions 34 or 35 of the M4,  with a bus stop immediately outside and Llanharan train station just one mile away. 

We also offer online services and support, so we can support you wherever you are.

Contact Us

Your successful recovery is only one conversation away. So contact us.  We're here to help you take the most important first step, whenever you are ready.

01443 226 864

or chat with us online

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