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Admissions Criteria

We have a criteria for admission onto Brynawel Rehab’s Assessment and Early Cognitive Rehabilitation Service for patients with Alcohol Related Brain Damage.

Brynawel Rehab main house

The patient will:-

  • Have a diagnosis of ARBD made by a suitably qualified clinician (using modified Oslin criteria). We will ask for Assessment paperwork i.e. a standard assessment document as part of referral including baseline scores which will be attached to referral.

  • Have to be on oral thiamine supplements.

  • Be in phase 2 or early phase 3 of Royal College of Psychiatry / Wilson er al’s 5 phase recovery model – For more information Click Here

  • Be able to give consent to the admission (i.e. not lacking in capacity to make this decision
    Is thought to be able to engage in the components of the treatment package (e.g. diary keeping.)

Exclusion Criteria - The Patient

  • Lacks capacity to make decisions about accepting placement and programme. Acceptance of abstinence is a key component.

  • Is still in the acute confusional stage of the natural history of ARBD (and therefore still requiring medical management)

  • Is in late phase 3, phase 4 or phase 5 (these clients should be sign posted to other more appropriate services)

  • Has significant mental health comorbidity (although this should be assessed by a psychiatrist and would include conditions that affect engagement with the rehabilitation process or acute conditions requiring psychiatric treatment)

  • Has significant physical health comorbidity where medical stabilisation is required.

It is recognised that clients with low scores on tests of cognitive function (such as <60 on ACE-III) are likely to struggle with the rehabilitation process but the ACE-III (or MoCA) score alone should not be used to decide whether to accept client or not. These scores form part of the assessment process (formal neuropsychological assessment being a better guide to levels of cognitive impairment).

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