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Jenny's Story

"...Nobody seemed to understand how difficult and miserable Jim’s drinking was making life for me and the children..."

This a phrase often heard from the family and friends of our residents. Being the partner or family member of a person with a dependency can be a lonely experience.

The following is an extract taken from Jenny’s story who came into Brynawel for Couple’s Counselling.

Progressively my husband’s drinking became worse and worse, even though I spoke to him about it, the conversation always seemed to make the problem escalate. When he finally entered Brynawel I felt that I could breathe again, I didn’t have to worry about what I would find when I came home from work, and the children seemed a lot happier.

Addressing some of the issues that were raised during the therapy sessions was difficult, but I felt that I had finally found a safe space to discuss some of the feelings and emotions that I had kept hidden from everyone. It wasn’t about blame, but having a voice and being heard was very powerful.

My husband left Brynawel just over a year ago, and even though it’s been tough, the support from Brynawel is still there, and we can go back whenever we feel that communication is breaking down and deal with the issue before they become too much of a problem.

“…Thanks for all your help and teaching. I really appreciate everything you have done for us.”

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