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Meditations for
a peaceful mind...


20 day meditation challenge! 

So we have a meditation challenge happening at the moment...

The idea is to experience what happens in your life and your mind when you meditate every day for 20 days! 

So our meditation teacher has uploaded a short meditation below which you can listen to on your phone, laptop or computer. 

Googles app of the year is it is a meditation app with various resources including one to help with sleep. It has daily meditation courses and a progress tracker so we are recommending it to our clients for support with the 20 day meditation challenge. It is also free for 1 year at the moment and has a 4.9 star rating on the Apple app store.

Here is the music we use in class sometimes...

Heres a 15 minute breathing meditation. 

Plain and simple just as nature intended.

Body Scan Meditation


For a great relax and unwind

Great to get to sleep with! After the body scan meditation the music continues. The whole track is about 1 hour. 

I made this meditation for someone who said that they would wake in the night with strong anxiety and a racing mind. Then they would not be able to get back to sleep.

It is a meditation which invites the listener into the space of their feelings and find peace through acceptance. There is music in the background and it continues after the meditation has ended. 

mid-night calm


Meditation class 1


Classic Tuesday night meditation class at Brynawel

This is a meditation I recorded to play for a relaxation evening at Brynawel when I was going to be away. If your missing your Tuesday evening sessions, look no further! 

Meditation class 2

Arriving in the present moment...


In this session we're just coming into contact with ourselves, plain and simple. No bells or whistles. 

It seemed to go down well on the night. 

So I recorded the audio on a monday evening class. I wanted to demystify things and bring it all down to ground level. My hope was that we could arrive at an experience of ourselves in the present moment and that this would bring us to a place of peacefulness. It seemed to work for the group. 

Book Suggestions

Book 1 Anger cooling the flames

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 12.39_edited.jpg

This is a beautiful and gentle book. Thich Nhat Hanh kindly and carefully guides to reader or listener through the process of taking care of our own emotions. I must have listened to this book almost 100 times. It is deep, profound, helpful and beautiful written. 

If you cant sleep its a wonderful gentle listen!

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