"We now offer a full residential detoxification service"

I Need Help

Acknowledging that alcohol or another drug  is having a negative impact on your life is the most important first step towards receiving successful treatment, so well done for getting this far.  At Brynawel, we are here to help, guide and support you every step of the way towards successfully “choosing recovery over dependency”

In Their Own Words

Showing how previous clients have succeded in choosing recovery over dependency and how they feel about the support they received during their time at Brynawel may help you decide if Rehab is right for you. 

We hope you find their stories inspiring.

Detoxification Service

Our alcohol detoxification service enables people who are physically dependant on alcohol to withdraw in a safe, controlled and supportive environment. Because your detoxification needs to be planned carefully, before your program begins you will meet our detox team, usually at your home… Learn more about Detoxification

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